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What are Average Settlements?
National Average Settlements are close to $20,000. Some are just a few thousand and some are millions.
What is the Average Timeline?
Don't get strung along with your claim. Get your money in as little as 30 days. 
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Yes, you can ask any question you want. We are here to help. 

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Learn how to deal with an insurance company after an accident, and understand the tactics that are used against you to reduce your accident claim.


Gain understanding of your rights and which important steps you need to be taking right now to ensure a successful accident claim.


Learn about resources that may be available after an accident. Interested in medical treatment without paying out of pocket and replacement transportation?

Most Important - You will be on your way to maximizing the amount you can get for your accident claim without having to deal with the insurance company.

How can a professional review help

Speaking with a professional in your area will help you have realistic expectations about your case. They will review the facts about your accident which could be included on an accident report along with any witness of the accident and photographs if applicable. 

They will also review any injuries you have as a result and how this impacts your day to day life. This includes medical expenses, missed or lost wages, loss of enjoyment and overall pain and suffering. 

 If you hire a personal injury lawyer to fight for your claim, there is no upfront cost and the attorney is only paid if they win. Statistically, accident victims walk away with more when employing an attorney because on average settlements awarded by represented claimants are 3.5 times higher.  

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